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December 31, 2014

Weaker Typhoon Seniang is deadlier than Super Typhoon Ruby

Typhoon Seniang struck Bohol on December 29, 2014. Signal no.2 was raised on the province. Seniang downed trees and some of them on highways, knock out power and blown our roofs.Flash floods caused by heavy rains and the storm winds are very strong that forced us to evacuate. Seiniang is deadlier than super tyhpoon ruby. Despite of it all, bol anon can still managed to get home for new year's celebration.

Sorry, I have no clear photo on this. Just grabbed it from a friend on facebook. 
(Oh please forgive me for stealing this photograph)

This Bridge is structurally deficient and need repair. Apparently, the local government runs out of budget.

May 29, 2013

Fiesta Celebration

One of the occasion we never miss each year is the celebration of the feast of Sr. Santa Cruz every May 17 and 18. Fiesta is always accompanied by music and roman catholic ritual. May 18 is the day where everyone comes together for the procession where image of Sr. Santa Cruz is borne by the devotees. Of course the celebration will not be joyous and fun without the colourful lights,music and disco. Reminiscent of the fiesta is inviting guests and eating together is part of the celebration.

Fiesta is part and bundle of filipino culture. Indeed,fiestas are like parties that never ends.

Lechon baboy di jud ni mawala sa handa sa fiesta


Basketball Game 
Sector Neptune won the Finals

 #42nd Foundation Day Celebration


Miss Casbu 2013


Last May 18,Michelle Casoy was crowned as Miss Casbu 2013.She also got two special awards: Best in Production Number and Face of the Night.Followed by the runner-ups.Katrhina Balaba won the first runner-up,also got special award: Best in Gown.Second runner-up was Algie Garcia,got an award for Best in Casual Wear.

Introducing the Board of Judges
(I'm sorry about the pic,it's kinda blurry and dark.I just grabbed this photo from a friend.Forgive me for stealing this photograph hehehe :)

The Chairman of the Board of Judges Miss Karen Tinampay Aranas performed on stage with her back up dancers.

 Incredibly Gorgeous!

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful,for beauty is God's handwriting."

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